TTWP Administrators

Back in May 2009, the TTWP-website went online. The Facebook-group “Tap Tap World Players”, once created and monitored by DXChain, has finally gotten its own web presence, thanks to the server hoster and technical guru Leftfield. More and more top players joined the clan and used it as a discussion- and competition-board for TTR-games. Until today, only the best TTR-players can call themselves “TTWP Member”.

1. DXChain

Clan Member since: January 2009
Admin since: Same as "Member" date, although Volker and I founded the site a few months later
My tasks in TTWP are: I used to play competitively, chart tracks, and scout for prospective members for the then-exclusive TTWP community, as well as running Season 1
Bio: I originally started playing TTR on September of 2008, when I first obtained my 2nd-generation iPod Touch. It was one of the "marquee" games that was instantly associated with the early success of the device, and I got hooked on it quite religiously for several versions (until TTR 2.6/TTR 3). In the process, I developed my trademark grip and was one of the earliest successful promoters of TTR via YouTube as well as a close collaborator with Tapulous (pre-Disney acquisition). Nowadays, my spare time consists of crafting maps and mods for my all-time favorite game Doom as well as practicing and teaching latin dancing (with a bit of traveling on the side).
Grip: DX
Device: Throughout my active TTR days I used a 2nd-gen iPod Touch. Now, I use a 4th-gen iPod Touch.
Special Abilities: I was very inspired in the early/best days of TTR. Typically, I was the one with the interesting ideas to enjoy the game and make it enjoyable for others. That, and TTWP was my vision--one that its amazing members have taken to great new heights as my involvement faded over time.
My best YouTube-video: The first documented FC of Tap Tap Domination - This video and song are nothing by today's standards, although it holds nostalgic and historical importance.
Participated in: None--I ran/managed the first season of the TTWP league
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2. Leftfield

Clan Member since: May 26, 2009
Admin since:  Big Bang
My tasks in TTWP are: Trying to catch up...
Bio: I was born, learned an instrument, played Tap Tap Revenge and found myself being an admin of this place. Luckily i stopped playing before 90% of the people here over at TTWP beat me ;)
Grip: Piano
Device: iPod touch 4G.
Special Abilities: Rhythm in the blood...
My best YouTube-video: StepStation 32
Participated in: Season 1
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3. C0oki333

Clan Member since: 2 August 2010
Admin since: 26 August 2012
Bio: My name is Brad. I'm 23 years of age, from Australia. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree major in Politics and History. My favourite hobbies are sketching, painting, and hunting. I played Tap Tap Revenge since the release of TTR2 but wasn't so good. World #8 in TTR3.
Grip: DXChain
Device: iPod 2G, iPhone 3GS
Special Abilities: Alternating, bouncing, and FCing hard tracks with the DXChain grip. I am also a charter.
My best YouTube-video: Soulless 2 FC (Worldfirst DXChain FC).
Participated in: Season 3, Season 4, (Organised) Season 5 and 6, TTWP Exhibition Season 1
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4. tyleryarnelli

Clan Member since: February 7, 2011
Admin since: April 20, 2013
Bio: Hello there. My name is Tyler. I live in Ohio, USA and I'm just an average player. I currently do nothing with my life. Graduated from school and no job yet, so I just spend my time around here. Other hobbies I have are coding and making themes and lots of gaming. I love talking to people so if you'd like to talk to meh, feel free ^^
Grip: Beacheagle and DXChain (Not on video)
Device: iPod 3G, iPad 1, iPhone 4, iPad 3
Special Abilities: According to others I'm a good themer and that I have good accuracy.
My best YouTube-video: Lollercaust of Thought FC
Participated in: Guest Season 1, Season 3, Season 4
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