TTWP Clan Members

This is a complete list of all current TTWP Members. Without these, there would be no sense in TTWP. These guys are the top TTR-players in the world setting new scales, by posting insane videos, competing against each other in TTWP contests and owning TTR/TTRel-leaderboards.

1. ceegers

Clan Member since: May 27, 2009
Bio: I'm a 24-year-old from Pennsylvania, USA who is currently working on cruise ships playing piano (and sometimes singing background vocals). I enjoy many things related in some way to math and/or music. TTR is now just an occasional thing for me.
Grip: Piano generally
Device: During most of my regular involvement here, iPod 1G, but now iPod 4G
Special Abilities: I did really well in the middle days of TTR2 (during which this forum was created). Back then, being good online and on the leaderboards actually meant you were a great player. I think I got up to 3rd online ranking once.
My best YouTube-video: This video is totally unrelated to TTR
Participated in: Season 1
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2. Darkcarlos23

Clan Member since: June 01, 2009
Bio: I'm from Colombia, 25 years old, TTWP member since it's beginings, and a TTR player since Tap Tap Revolution; also a really good PIU (Pump It Up) player. Currently studying software engineering, 8th semester with a scholarship of 50% for good grades :D
Grip: DXgrip, Beacheagle
Device: Iphone 2g, Itouch 4g
Special Abilities: FC'd hard songs on a super laggy iphone 2g, fastest left index at getting rolls (...I think), really good (no pro) charter
My best YouTube-video: Somebody to Love - JB
Participated in: Season 1, 2, 2.5, 3
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3. MsQueen

Clan Member since: Jun 5, 2009
Bio: I am the Queen, aka Rene ;). I've been playing TTR since TTR1 in Oct 08. I'll be 22 on Aug 8. I'm studying Computer Information Systems and I'm getting my certificate in Database Systems Administrations. I'm no legend but I've been around and I've made my mark. I'm a retired player but I'll always have TTWP close to heart. YIG! (Tribute to Brad - beacheagle)
Grip: DX and Beacheagle... and I do take ownership of the Toilet Grip =)
Device: iPod Touch 2nd gen <-- Yea I'm lame, but I'll be upgrading shortly
Special Abilities: My special abilities sadly don't include playing TTR cuz I've always sucked, but I can make people laugh and I'm good at being a loser. I draw too
My best YouTube-video: -
Participated in: Season 1
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4. StalkerTap

Clan Member since: July 22, 2009
Bio: Started In about December 2008 with an iPod 2G browsing on the app store, months later TTR2 came out and I got addicted and played alot online I used to play with thumbs for a very long time until about a year ago songs were harder. Up until TTR4 it lagged it bit so I took interest in other things except that but I usually play TTRel, or TTH. (Sorry for the bad bio couldn't find my long bio I wrote a long time ago in this one topic)
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPod Touch 2G <---Hahaha Android In November though.
Special Abilities: Charting Songs, Making Not Too Complex Themes
My best YouTube-video: TTRel - Spanish Fly 485k 100% FC [No 16x]
Participated in: 1, 2, and 3 (maybe)
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6. Mattster

Clan Member since: August 28, 2009
Bio: I'm from Ontario, Canada and have been playing Tap Tap since TTR2.  I am also on the Tapulous Beta/Moderator teams.  My hobbies include anything computer-ish (Graphic Design, Programming), Music (Clarinet/Piano) and just messing around.  I am currently programming Video Games at a company called Big Blue Bubble here in London.
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPod 2nd Gen & iPad 1st Gen
Special Abilities: Top TTR Player (when I try), good accuracy, can chart customs, design/program themes and various utilities.  You'll either love me or hate me.
My best YouTube-video: Soulless 2 - Tap Tap Reloaded [FC] (no 16x)
Participated in: Season 2 & 3
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7. rururu

Clan Member since: September 26, 2009
My tasks in TTWP are: TTWP Scout, Video Features, Headhunts, Contests, Member cleanup and Posting of extremely long comments
Bio: I am 15 years old and from Canada. I have been playing TTR since the very beginning and know the game, its history and its players in and out. I have too many other interests to name but I would be glad to share them with you elsewhere.
Grip: Beach Grip
Device: iPod 3g
Special Abilities: TTR skill, knowledge and discussion contribution.
My best YouTube-video: Chemical Warfare
Participated in: Seasons 2, 2.5 and 3
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8. xpertappr

Clan Member since: October 14, 2009 (exactly one week after my birthday).
Bio: Born Seth Lipko, currently living in Texas (USA). 16 years old as of July 16th, 2011. Is also part of the TTR Beta Crew, which does super secret awesome stuff with the higher-ups at the Tapulous HQ. Enjoys playing guitar, piano, soccer, and racquetball. I have an extremely dysfunctional family; they make me share a bathroom with my sister.  
Grip: Beacheagle and DX and Beacheagle. And DX.
Device: iPod 4th Gen, 32GB, jailbroken (with a couple scratches on the back).
Special Abilities: Originally accepted into TTWP by high scores on the most difficult tracks in TTR2. Skills now include custom tracks, custom themes, and theme mods. Has very few youtube videos due to low-res camera and lack of home wifi. Other special abilities include: getting trolled really easy, and having a unique sense of logic.  
My best YouTube-video: Lawn Wake IV - The Flashbulb
Participated in: Uh, ask your mom... Also, Season 2, Season 2.5, filling out this card.
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9. David2315

Clan Member since: October 14, 2009
Bio: Well, I'm 18, and I guess you could say I've retired from TTR...  I enjoy video games and math (not meth), and am a very strange person...  I am also very lazy.
Grip: Usually thumbs, but sometimes piano
Device: Ipod 4g
Special Abilities: In TTR:  being really good at TTR 2 back in the day.
Other:  trolling on xbox live.
My best YouTube-video: None
Participated in: Season 2
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10. Anoesj

Clan Member since: October 21, 2008
Bio: Dude from the Netherlands who manually made a platform to upload and share customs, made a huge amount of themes, including the official Tapulous Ladytron theme. Reloaded director. And of course a player. I also make music and websites in my spare time.
Grip: Kikigrip (Beachgrip)
Device: iPhone 4
Special Abilities: I make themes, customs and websites. Oh and I hack games so they become more awesome for everyone else.
My best YouTube-video: Don't watch my video's, they're rubbish
Participated in: None
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11. FreezeGoldz

Clan Member since: December 2nd, 2009
Bio: Hai, I'm Clarence. Singaporean, and studying in the same school as astroboy. oh, and I love playing soccer and Scrabble :D
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPhone, iPad w/o custom songs
Special Abilities: i guess i have pretty fast fingers, but i can't bounce for nuts. was one of the top players in the ttr2 days
My best YouTube-video: nope, i don't make videos
Participated in: Season 2, Season 3 (never managed to play out both seasons though
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13. _Fire

Clan Member since: January 25, 2010, 09:49:00 PM
Bio: 17 Years Old, going to Cooper Union freshman year. Currently playing League of Legends.
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPod Touch 3rd Generation
Special Abilities: One of the first people to learn to bounce well and do songs such as Soulless 2 and TDWDTG.
My best YouTube-video: TTFAF 4 Lane
Participated in: Ultimate Tapdown!!!
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14. Gidek04

Clan Member since: March 11, 2010
Bio: I'm 16 and I live in France
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: Ipod touch 4G
Special Abilities: Good player and charter
My best YouTube-video: Stratofortress
Participated in: Season 2 & 3
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15. Chronical

Clan Member since:    March 22, 2010
Bio:  I'm 16, from Switzerland, I haven't played TTR in ages and I don't plan on changing that in the future.
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPhone 3GS
Special Abilities:  I've been in the TTR community since the beginning of TTR 1, I love(d) tweaking themes and charting. I also spent most of my time on the chatroom ingame/forums on the internet.
My best YouTube-video:
Participated in: Nothing
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16. Joseakanino

Clan Member since: April 5, 2010
Bio: Hmm lets see. Im a college student majoring in Music that plays TTR when I get the chance and just enjoys living. I was really into TTR when I was younger but now I play a lot less but when I do play, its usually reloaded that I play
Grip: Started with Thumbs, went to Piano and now I main the DX Grip
Device: iPod Touch 4th Generation
Special Abilities: I was a somewhat prominent online player back in the days of TTR2. Later on I got in Through Krohn7master's attempt to revive TTWP. when the unworthy members of this experiment were cleared out, I was kept for distinguishable skill at the time.
My best YouTube-video:
Participated in: None
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17. bainch

Clan Member since: April 6th, 2010
Bio: Well, for starters I'm 19, an avid gamer, and I do a lot of crazy fun things.
Grip: Any and all grips I feel like using
Device: iPod 2g
Special Abilities: I can make themes, but I choose not too T_T...and I'm a charter if you didn't know. :P
My best YouTube-video: N/a
Participated in: Many miscellaneous gang activites
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18. Emeraldcollector

Clan Member since: April 8, 2010
Bio: I'm a 17 year old Mechanical Engineering major studying in Washington D.C., originally from New York. Inactive due to said studies.
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPod Touch 2G, possibly 4G soon
Special Abilities: One of the few...the proud...the women of TTWP.
My best YouTube-video: :)
Participated in: :D
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19. Mike_Duque

Clan Member since: May 5, 2010
Bio: I am 17, I live in South florida, a state in the United States of America. I am smart, but still a kid.
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPhone 4
Special Abilities: I'm a decent player and a hobby themer/ charter. Kinda unkown, though.
My best YouTube-video: Black Hole FC
Participated in: None, but I am pretty good :p
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20. the_oddity

Clan Member since: May 27th, 2010
Bio: nearly 18-year old, finishing High School in 2012, attempting to study acting if possible in NYC, drummer, runner up in two little TTWP competitions and among the Top 9 in TTWP Season 3.
Grip: DX Grip
Device: iPod touch 3g
Special Abilities: Fc'ing hard tracks (back then) with a decent accuracy.
My best YouTube-video: Heroes of our Time FC
Participated in: TTWP Season 3, and those two little competitions which I forgot the name of.
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21. Riiggo

Clan Member since: August 05, 2010, 10:23:55 PM
Bio: Hi!! Im Mexican ill be 18 on 21/07/2011 i love to play soccer, hang out with friends, Gym and lisent to music.
Grip: Beacheagle, DxGrip
Device: iPod Touch 4g 32 GB, iPod Touch 3g 32 GB
Special Abilities: Tap Tap abilities & Trolling
My best YouTube-video: Sequoia Throne 100% FC
Participated in: Signed up for s3 but i didnt had time to play
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22. Only0ne

Clan Member since: 12th September
Bio: My name is Ben, I'm from Francfort (Germany) and I'm going to finish my A-Levels. I stopped doing sports years ago and spend too much time in front of my computer x.x
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPod Touch 3G, iPad 2
Special Abilities: Spam-Charts.
My best YouTube-video: Turbo Bumblebee
Participated in: TTWP Season 3
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23. HorstHorst

Clan Member since: Oktober 10, 2010
Bio: 15 years old from Germany, playing since like 2 years, tried to chart some songs but kida stopped :P
Grip: Beacheagle Grip
Device: iPhone 4, iPod 4, iPod 2g
Special Abilities: FC'd almost all BDM drum charts as the first one to fc on ipod on non-landscape mode (I think).
My best YouTube-video: WAHNTHAC (Drums) iPod FC
Participated in: TTWP Season 3
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24. Titoezz

Clan Member since: 24 September 2010, 18:24:42
Bio: Hi im Titoezz, 17 years old and playing TTR since like the second update in Cydia before the App Store was even released. I'm now #3 TTR player in the world.
Grip: My own grip; Left Index, Right Index and Right Ringfinger
Device: iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod Touch 2G.
Special Abilities: I guess i have pretty fast fingers and on some way can fc hard songs, idk really, i cant chart and know nothing about theming, so just playing songs :)
My best YouTube-video: Victory Solo X i guess
Participated in: Season 3 & an armed robbery on a jewelry shop in Amsterdam, don't tell anyone it was me who shat his pants while running away afterwards.
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25. JoniTap

Clan Member since: October 17, 2010
My tasks in TTWP are: Post helpful comments, coordinate the Player of the Month competition, organize boards, set up polls and ideas, approve/ban users
Bio: I'm Jona from Berlin (Germany), 16 years old, half-german and half-canadian and TTR player since the original release of Tap Tap Revolution, although I started to play 'seriously' when TTR3 was released. I'm into Indie Rock music, play badminton and the piano and interested in graphics and webdesign as well as jailbreak and computer things in general.
Grip: Beacheagle
Devices: iPod touch 1G, iPhone 4
Special Abilities: Decent 3.5 inch player, custom track and theme (mostly mod) releases every now and then, community activist
My best YouTube-video: World's highest non-iPad Lawn Wake I FC
Participated in: Season 3
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26. dancewithpigs10

Clan Member since: october 17, 2010
Bio: Live in Connecticut. graduated high school ate the age of 16. currently ranked 4th in the world.
Grip: Beacheagle, Thumbs,DX
Device: ipod touch 2gen 8gb, iphone 4 16gb, ipad 1g
Special Abilities: fc'ing hard tracks i guess.
My best YouTube-video: worldfirst anything fc
Participated in: season 3
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27. kevinmalo

Clan Member since: January 7 2011
Bio: Im kevin from Mexico
I started playing since TTR2, but i got better skills when TTR3 came out :)
Grip: Dx Chain grip
Device: iPhone 3g
Special Abilities: I just tap :P
My best YouTube-video: None :(
Participated in: GSC1 & season 3
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28. D34THH

Clan Member since: 7 January 2011
Bio: I live in Sydney Australia. 15 in High School
Grip: Beacheagle Grip
Device: Ipod Touch 2g and Ipad 1g
Special Abilities: Pretty Ordinary. No theming or charting skills.
My best YouTube-video: Lawn Wake I
Participated in: GSC1 and S3
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29. astroboy101096

Clan Member since: March 15,  2011
Bio: I live in Singapore :D
Currently doing JUDO as my CCA ( co-corricular activites ) at school =]
I like math ;) I liek food =D
Stayed in Connecticut for 2 years from Nov 2006 to Nov 2008, i miss the food there haha xD
Grip: Beacheagle for iPad, DX/Beach for iPhone
Device: iPad 1G, iPhone 4
Special Abilities: I can FC hard-ish stuff with good accuracy I guess? [ got in thru a headhunt  ;]
I think I'm a good overall player :)
I am also beginning to chart stuff, yeah :D
My best YouTube-video: Holy Wars FC
Participated in: -
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30. LingLumba

Clan Member since: May 13, 2011
Bio: I'm currently 20 as of writing this and moving through my time at college at the moment.
Grip:  Beacheagle
Device: Itouch 3g, iPad 2g
Special Abilities: I originally got into WP off my ability of playing landscape iPod. I later switched to iPad. Now i'm more of known as the track historian for WP.
My best YouTube-video: OTWTA FC from S4
Participated in: gs1c, season 4 participant, season 5 organizer, season 6.
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31. _thisistapping

Clan Member since: May 14th 2011
Bio: 15 years old, from Germany, i'm often in chat and currently trying out charting and theming
Grip: beacheagle
Device: iPad 2, iPod 2g
Special Abilities: Charting and theming
My best YouTube-video: WAHNTHAC TRI-OP
Participated in: Guest Season 1
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32. thirdHEARTBEAT
Clan Member since: June 08, 2011.
Bio: Singaporean. Hopes to be a successful architect when I grow up.  15 years old.
Grip: Beacheagle, thumbs, DXgrip.
Device: iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad 1, iTouch 3rd Gen.
Special Abilities: Accuracy during gameplay & charting.
My best YouTube-video: Casket Full Of Eggshells
Participated in: None -_-
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33. Marvilla

Clan Member since: June 26th, 2011
Bio: I’m 15 years old, live on Japan for almost 5 years now but I’m brazilian. No! I can’t speak japanese. When I’m not playing TTR or studying, I’m on my PS3, watching YouTube videos, watching TV shows or listen to music (good music, not Bieber shit)
Grip: Titoezz Grip a.k.a iPad Beacheagle Grip
Device: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 1G
Special Abilities: I don’t know lol “To be continued”
My best YouTube-video: Lawn Wake I
Participated in: Nothing
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33. nathanielnwh_

Clan Member since: 3 July 2011
Bio: I'm retired, without any intention of starting to play again. 16 years old. One of the first few people to use the landscape before it got popular. (hipster much). Other than that, I love minecraft and drums.
Grip: DXChain,Portrait/Landscape Beacheagle
Device: IPhone 4, iPod Touch 2G, Nokia 3310
Special Abilities: Accuracy I guess...
My best YouTube-video:No video. Everything made private.
Participated in: Season 4 (3rd place), Several PoTM's in v1 (won one)
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35. bicicle

Clan Member since: 7 august 2011
Bio: i am kwan yang from singapore, 15 this year and started playing tap tap 1 year ago :) i like to play tap tap, skate, slack, stone :D
Grip: beacheagle :D
Device: ipad 1g
Special Abilities: long and hard songs :) eg. 3999, lollercaust, battle of studio speakers
My best YouTube-video: battle of studio speakes
Participated in: TTWP Guest season 2
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36. DrTap

Clan Member since: August 6th, 2011
Bio: My name's Jay, I'm 14, from North Carolina, and have been playing TTR since late 2009 (not professionally until about February 2011, though.)  Outside of Tap Tap, I play drums, ultimate frisbee, and many card games.  I hope to one day be one of the top 5 or so Tap Tap players in the world.  See ya around.
Grip: My grip timeline:  Primitive 1 finger grip > Thumbs > DXChain > Beacheagle (current grip.)
Device: iPhone 4, (formerly) iPad 1, iPad 3
Special Abilities: Un-necessary alternating, rolls, using 2 left-hand fingers.  I also make okay-ish customs.
My best YouTube-video: I guess this one
Participated in: Season 4
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37. TapTapsChuckNorris

Clan Member since: August 11th, 2011 <<< 9.5 months after registration (maybe 10)
Bio: 14 years old.
iPad-er-ish player
Just ask if you wanna know more
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPad
Special Abilities: I can do spam charts pretty well
My best YouTube-video: The HeadHunt Challenge
Participated in: -
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38. Oxfordvalley

Clan Member since: August 16, 2011.
Bio: Being one of the older TTWP (v1) Clan Members, I started playing Tap Tap in 2008. I quickly got addicted to it as time went on. Then I first heard about TTWP in 2010. I joined the website when it became public, and it took me until August of 2011 when I finally became a TTWP member. Now, I'm a more inactive Clan Member, but I still come by to check if events such as competitions like Season 6 are around, and I participate in them. Not much to say besides that because now-a-days I have a busy life and I'm starting to change direction away from Tap Tap.
Grip: "IPad" Grip
Device: IPad 1, formerly IPod 2 and IPod 1.
Special Abilities: Not particularly good at anything. I'm not sucky at anything, but I don't have a substantial ability as a TTWP member either. Say...a balanced TTWP member...If anything, It would be speed.
My best YouTube-video: Uber Juice NEAR FC
Participated in: Season 4, Season 5
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41. crayne777

Clan Member since: 27. December 2011
Bio: Hey there, my name is Max and i live in Germany. i came across Tap Tap at my birthday (lol) in february 2010. i started playing with my iTouch 3G and played almost one year with my ipod. in december my mom got an iPad. that iPad i am using atm! :D
anyway, when i finally registered at ttwp in september 2011 i had no idea ill gonna be in that fast. i learned really fast and finally became a member in december. in february s4 started and i got rank 7. pretty good for a wp newbie i guess :D if you have any questions, go for it! i dont bite :p
Grip: iTouch - Maaav/DX/beach, iPad - beach
Device: iTouch 3G, iPad 1, iTouch 5g (soon c:)
Special Abilities:spam and accuracy of course! but i suck at bouncing. i probably have the worst bouncing skills from all of the wps :D
My best YouTube-video: [WORLDFIRST] Laser Cannon Death Sentence 100% FC
Participated in: Season 4
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42. Tavis2205/Tavis220595

Clan Member since: 8th August 2012
Bio: I live in switzerland. 17 years old. Currently attending high-school. I played TTR seriously since September 2010. Now I'm one of the best iPod/iPhone players out there.
Grip: Beacheagle/4 finger
Device: iPod 4
Special Abilities: None really, accuracy and rolls.
My best YouTube-video: This one
Participated in: GCS 2, Guest Tapdown 3
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43. thatguyther

Clan Member since: 3 November 2012
Bio: Hello my name is Jeremy, currently 16 years old and living in Singapore. Still studying hard, not working yet. Found out about ttr in mid-2010, but only really started playing in early-2011.
One of the slowly-dwindling number of 3.5-inch tappers in this community, hope to become one of, if not the best iPod/iPhone player here.
Grip: Beacheagle, DXChain (formerly)
Device: iPhone 3Gs
Special Abilities: Rolls, endurance (somewhat)
My best YouTube-video: This one
Participated in: Guest Tapdown 3 (7th place)
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44. neharoni/ronibasak

Clan Member since: 23 December 2012
Bio: Hey guys I'm Roni, and I'm what you might call a 3rd generation WP. I'm a Singaporean and I'm currently 15 years old. I started out with Tapulous tracks in mid 2010, which was when I first got my iPhone 4, and then got interested in customs because of their charting quality compared to Tapulous charts. And that's what got me into charting. And I'm also proud I'm one of the few people who managed to get in by charting. :)
Grip: DXChain, beacheagle
Device: iPhone 4, iPad 1
Special Abilities: Alternating, charting
My best YouTube-video: I don't have any impressive videos at all, haha. Will post one when I have one. :)
Participated in: Several TotMs (won 2 so far), Several PotMs
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45. _J3R3MY

Clan Member since: December 24, 2012
Bio: Currently 14 years old and residing in Houston, TX. Played TTR since March 2012.
Grip: Beacheagle Grip
Device: iPad 2, iPhone 5
Special Abilities: Bouncing, speed, alternating, and endurance. My roll accuracy isn't the best...
My best YouTube-video: They're all fucking terrible.
Participated in: S5 (1st place)
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46. MichaelwoPark

Clan Member since: April 10, 2013
Bio: Hello, my name is Michael. I am Canadian and part portuguse, which is a bit strange since no one has thought that I have been what I am :P Anyways, I started tap tap around 2010 and I've been playing a lot since unlike a lot of people this means a lot to me. I tend to study math, science and history on my free time. if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Grip: DXchain, Beacheagle, piano and the lefty grip.
Device: Ipad 2
Special Abilities: Spam, endurance, speed, rolls. I am probably the worst member at bouncing.
My best YouTube-video: This one
Participated in: Guest Season 3, Guest Season 4
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47. Asian_g

Clan Member since: April 10, 2013
Bio: Hey guys, my name is Jacob. I live in the US. I'm Indonesian/Chinese. I've been playing TTR since October 2010. I only started becoming serious early October/late September, which is when I first found about customs.
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPad 1
Special Abilities: Spam/Speed alternating, Endurance, extremely strong left finger.
My best YouTube-video: This one
Participated in: Guest Tapdown 4 (Second Place)
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48. Feinster

Clan Member since: April 10 2013
Bio: Yo, I'm Felix aka Feinster :) I'm 16, from Singapore (yeah i know, wtf is up with the amount of SG people playing this game). I was introduced to TTR when I saw my friends playing it in class back in 2011. Went to youtube and saw brian's vids and was hooked. Improved pretty quickly and finally became a member after 2 years.
Grip: Beachgrip
Device: iPad 1
Special Abilities: Bouncing, kinda decent at rolls i guess. Worst endurance of any TTWP ever.
My best YouTube-video: Turbo Bumps
Participated in: GT4
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49. Hardcore_Fingering

Clan Member since: 25 May 2013
Bio: Starts his TTR career since August 2011. Known as Schinkenrolle or Ham, came from Indonesia. 13 years old, making him one of the youngest WP member by far. Oh he likes Drawing and Metalcore. His name is Ryan.
Grip: Beacheagle.
Device: iPad 2G & iPod 5G
Special Abilities: Bouncing and Accuracy. Shame on my Endurance. And I chart also, probably one of the few people who managed to get in with a help from charting factor.
My best YouTube-video: [iPod] Epidermis - FC
Participated in: GT4
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