TTWP Legends

TTWP Legends are the people who once shaped this place, not only because of their mindblowing Tap Tap-skills. Because people should not forget about these now inactive talents, we honour them in this special list.

1. DisDude1

Clan Member since: May 27, 2009
Bio: Top TTR-player during TTR2, one of the first clan members. The "dis" in his name stands for "Disney".
Grip: Unknown
Device: iPod touch 2G
Special Abilities: Top TTR2-online-player, pwning TTR2-leaderboards
My best YouTube-video:
Participated in: -
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This card was not filled in by the actual member because he is not active anymore on TTWP.

2. SwimminSurfer256

Clan Member since: May 27, 2009
Bio: I live in California but go to Amherst College in Amherst, MA. I was one of the original TTWP members from way back when when men were men. Was up to number 2 in the world at one point! My other hobbies involve lasers and app development.
Grip: Whatever I damn well please
Device: 2nd gen iPad (for now)
Special Abilities: A-hem... How could I NOT have been in TTWP?? ;) My special abilities now include app development (check out Rhythmatic if you like TTR!!)
My best YouTube-video: TTR Related? Not a video... a picture...
Participated in: Season 1 (taken by krohn round 1 X))
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3. krohn7master

Clan Member since: May 26th 2009
Bio: 18 year old from the Bay Area, California. Known for charting custom songs and playing with thumbs. Winner of 2010 Ultimate Tapdown
Grip: Thumbs/Beachgrip
Device: iPhone 4 and iPad 2
Special Abilities: Thumb player, iPad player, pro charter, and video making.
My best YouTube-video: Heartbreak Armageddon Thumbs FC
Participated in: S1, S2, S3
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4. beacheagle

Clan Member since: May 27 2009
Bio: The world's best TTR-player until his retirement. Shocking videos showing FC's of impossible-claimed songs. Currently on a 2-year mission in Costa Rica.
Grip: Beacheagle-grip
Device: iPod touch 2G
Special Abilities: Being the world's top player..? = Beast TTR-skills
My best YouTube-video: World's first Soulless 2-FC
Participated in: Season 1
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This card was not filled in by the actual member because he is not active anymore on TTWP.

5. Kratos111

Clan Member since: May 27, 2009
Bio: Top TTR-player during TTR2, one of the first clan members. From France. Well known due to his crazy accuracy. Quit during the beginnings of TTR3 because of school and exams.
Grip: Piano-grip
Device: iPod touch 2G
Special Abilities: Top TTR2- and TTR3-online-player, pwning leaderboards, legendary bad english-skills
My best YouTube-video: Magnetic Baby - TTR2
Participated in: Season 1
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This card was not filled in by the actual member because he is not active anymore on TTWP.

6. Brian_t91

Clan Member since: May 30, 2009
Bio: Architect in the making; I reside in Australia; 20 years old. I do not really play TTR anymore as I do not have the time.
Grip: Predominantly Thumbs from the start till TTR2, then DX since TTR3. I can also play with Beach/Kiki grip and Piano Grip to a lesser extent.
Device: iPod Touch 1g (ttr1, ttr2), iPod Touch 3g (ttr3, ttr4), iPhone 4 (ttr4)
Special Abilities: Top ttr1 player, one of the few left who play with an iPod instead of an iPad.
My best YouTube-video: Check Channel as I don't know what to pick...although Freak-a-zoid with one thumb rolls was definitely ace back in the days.
Participated in: Season 1 and part of season 2.
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7. kiki_cucumber

Clan Member since: June 22, 2009
Bio: I was originally from Cairns Australia when playing Tap Tap as a grade 12 student. I am now living in Brisbane Australia where I study a Bachelor of Music Technology. I have retired as a professional swimmer and now focus on making music which can be seen on :)
Grip: I would describe my grip as the original kiki_cucumber on the table grip ;)
Device: Originally played on an iPod 2G and then briefly on a 3GS.
Special Abilities: I originally placed first in many tracks in TTR1 and then many more tracks in TTR2 and by the time TTR3 was out it was a battle for first! Maily got in off FC'ing difficult tracks with great scores and charted a little bit too. Also created the first version of TTR Guitar Hero for TTR2 :)
My best YouTube-video: ORIGINAL HOOT FC! :D (goes way back!)
Participated in: Can't really remember but I particpated in season one and two I think? haha
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8. A1m

Clan Member since: February 2010
My tasks in TTWP were: Everything ;-) / Organize Season
Bio: Thumb Player from May 2009 until March 2010. Named all grips. Organized custom onlinerooms. Changed much about how TTWP is working now (public/contests/news).
Left TTR after achieving several Worldfirst FCs and Worldhighscores on important customs. Tapulous sucked and still sucks, they don’t deserve such an community.
Playing Starcraft 2 now [Topranked Masterleague] (German :
Grip: Thumb + Beach
Device: iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4G
Special Abilities: One of the best Thumbplayers – Best Worldfirst FCs just before leaving the scene.
My best YouTube-video:
10 ways to FC an extreme song!
World first FC - Turbo flight of the bumblebee
Participated in: Season 2
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9. Roxdanslateci

Clan Member since: 03/03/2010
Bio: I'm a french player of Taptap.
I used to play, but I stopped posting videos 1 year ago, in March 2011.

Grip: Beacheagle grip
Device: Ipod 2G
Special Abilities: I started to post interesting stuff on Youtube, and the video that let me enter in TTWP was, as my point of view, Sequoia Throne.
My best YouTube-video: Duct tape smile without 16x
Participated in: Seasons 2 and 3
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10. Maverick05

Clan Member since: May 27th, 2009
Bio: Living in germany. One of the very first TTWP Members. TTWP experience since day two, originally played on an iPhone 3G. My hobbies are playing tennis & piano and doing computer stuff. I’m familiar with quite any Tapulous app and with jailbreak-stuff.
Grip: Piano-Grip “light”, using only index- and middlefinger.
Device: iPhone 4 (originally iPhone 3G)
Special Abilities: Managing middle-range-difficulty charts with Piano-Grip, great accuracy
My best YouTube-video: Take Me Back, Piano-style
Participated in: Season 1
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11. PigsFlyAroundJesus

Clan Member since: January 06, 2010, 06:50:51 PM
Bio: Officially titled a "genius" from a legit test at a university, and going to be first in my family to go to a university.
Grip: Beacheagle
Device: iPod 2g, iPod 4g, iPad 2g
Special Abilities: Charting
My best YouTube-video: Everything Went Black
Participated in: None

12. shafron1

Clan Member since: Late January 2012
Bio: My name is Daniel and I reside in Melbourne, Aus
I'm 19 years old (2012). I started playing Tap Tap late 2009. I graduated from high school in 2012. I currently study science at the victoria university. I dont have an iPod anymore.
Grip: My own grip: shaff Grip.
Device: 2nd gen 16gb iPad 2.
Special Abilities: Bouncing, speed, endurance and accuracy. I need to work on my roll accuracy. Get rid of everything. I was once the best player in the world, now i am a Legend. I suck at Tap Tap.
My best YouTube-video: This one
Participated in: Placed 1st in Season 4 (2012).
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13. Hadriel

Clan Member since: 19th November, 2011
Bio: Hey there! I'm Hadriel (also known as Jem1 around here) - average tapper, occasional theme designer and charter extraordinaire. I started playing Tap Tap Revenge 2 in 2009, and proceeded to TTR 3 before joining the world of customs and custom charting in late 2010. Since then I've been steadily improving in both charting and playing, and I seek to push the boundaries in charting patterns and styles. Since being conscripted for National Service in my country (Singapore) in March 2013, I've stopped playing competitively and chart much less, but I try my best to stick around whenever I have time!
Grip: Titz Grip
Device: iPod 3GS, iPad 2
Special Abilities: Charting and ridiculously fast rolls. But mostly charting.
My best YouTube-video: To A Breathless Oblivion (Guitar) Near-FC
Participated in: TTWP Season 5 Championships
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14. Twilight Stocking

Clan Member since: May 26, 2009
Bio: Hey there, my name is Logan, and I reside from Canada. I was recruited as the first clan member of TTWP (by being the #2 tapper in the world at the time), and was the one responsible for reviving TTWP by creating TTWP v2. Used to be an active member of TTWP, but now I'm currently pursuing my future goals such as creating art. I also love the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Grip: n/a
Device: iPad 4
Special Abilities: 8 years of charting experience, trolling, and pwning players online back in the TTR2 days.
My best YouTube-video: n/a
Participated in: TTWP League Season 3 + 4, also participated in a local hot dog eating competition
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