TTWP Moderators

Our moderators organize this place. Keeping the boards clean, organizing TTWP seasons, contests and headhunts, looking out for potential TTR-talents and putting ideas into practice are the main tasks of these four people. Insane playing-, charting-, and/or theming-skills may be additional talents worth mentioning.

1. ddeennzzeell

Clan Member since: 29 July 2012
Clan Moderator since: 28 February 2013
Bio: Hello, My name is Denzel. I hail from Indonesia, making me the first Indonesian WP. I like video games, animation, and technology. I am currently 14. If you want to ask me something, just ask.
Grip: Beacheagle and DXChain
Device: iPad mini and an iPhone 4S.
Special Abilities: I can handle alternating and bouncing sections in songs effectively. Shame for my spamming skills.
My best YouTube-video: Infernoplex FC
Participated in: Guest Season 2, 2012 Summer Tapdown, TTWP Season 5.
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2. Aarondamasta

Clan Member since: August 2009
Clan Moderator since: 28 February 2013
Bio: My name is Aaron. I'm 19 years old and currently a full-time college student as well as a part-time associate at Home Depot. I was admitted to TTWP based on skill during the TTR2 days. My highest achieved online ranking was #4. I currently play as a bit of a pass-time as well as to test charts, but rarely for competing. I chart more than ever now.
Grip: Beacheagle, DX
Device: iPod Touch 4g
Special Abilities: Charting, 1-Handed Rolls, Paradiddling
My best YouTube-video: WAHNTHAC Guitar FC
Participated in: Season 4, Season 5
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3. PrinceOfTTR/PrinceOfTapping

Clan Member since: 29th July 2012.
Clan Moderator since: 12 August 2013.
Bio: Hello there. I'm shlomo, I'm from israel and I'm jewish, and you probably know it :P
I came across Tap Tap in 2009, and quickly became addicted. I officialy started playing customs in the summer of July 2011, slowly not play Tapulous Tracks occasionally.
In september 2011, I was suggested by a player you all probably know as AQUIRES, to play on the iPad instead of the iPhone. I took his advice, and started improving my skills in Tap Tap.
Focusing mainly on spam and bouncing skills (and being inspired by shafron1), I became a good player, and was invited to TTWPv2 beta.
In July 2012, I've participated in GS3, ending up in 2nd PLACE (after Thaliquids, in a difference of 5k between the total scores), ending up with 19 CP, which made me a TTWP.
Grip: 3GS - beach, DX, thumbs & maav when i'm really bored.
Device: iPhone 3G (lost), iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (was stolen), iPad 1.
Special Abilities: Bouncing and Spam handling. Pretty much average skills at everything else.
My best YouTube-video: Rocket Rider FC
Participated in: GS3 (2012 Summer Tapdown)
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