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Player of the Month - April 2013

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Tehehe Denzel allowed me to do this, so welcome to April's Player of the Month! (This PotM delayed.. well don't ask me why..)

So congrats to Krohn for winning April's TotM wih his Through the Fire and Flames V6! by Dragonforce. Kudos for him for recharting an iconic song for tap tap history!.

You know the drill, heres the PotM's rules :

--- Quote ---
* Both TTWP members and guests on TTWP forums are eligible to enter the Player of the Month competition. There is no sign-up required for this competition; as soon as a player's name shows up on the chosen song's leaderboards, he has automatically entered the contest.
* There are two player groups: the iPod/iPhone group and the iPad group. Every participant has to choose one of the track downloads posted below, depending on which type of device he is using. A participant can only participate in one of those groups, an appearance on both leaderboards will result in disqualification.
* Participants have to play the track in Tap Tap Reloaded.
* The competition runs for 7 days, and after the time has run out, no further leaderboard changes will be recognized.
* There will be two winners, which are the players placed first on the leaderboards of each group: One iPod/iPhone winner and one iPad winner. Both will receive the prize of a PotM badge for their profile. Players ranked from spot 2 to 10 won't receive a prize.
* Both winners will not be able to participate in the following month's PotM competition.
--- End quote ---
Fuck u read it

Means Max and Jeremy number 2 may not participate on this current PotM. For anyone else you will be either rename the track folder or download it and put it on your Tap Tap Reloaded

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
There will be no score registration until 27 June 2013 22:00 (+7 GMT)

ps : random rubbish grammar and typos

Yes, I did read it.

Wait, so the competition ends June 27th?


Well shit I'm glad I checked back in time xD


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