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Player of the Month Competition-July 2013

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Welcome to the long overdue (because of S6) July Player of the Month Competition!

You will be playing July's TotM track: Into The Everblack by The Black Dahlia Murder charted by Aarondamasta

But first, here are the rules:

--- Quote from: Official PotM competition rules ---
* Both TTWP members and guests on TTWP forums are eligible to enter the Player of the Month competition. There is no sign-up required for this competition; as soon as a player's name shows up on the chosen song's leaderboards, he has automatically entered the contest.
[*]There are two player groups: the iPod/iPhone group and the iPad group. Every participant has to choose one of the track downloads posted below, depending on which type of device he is using. A participant can only participate in one of those groups, an appearance on both leaderboards will result in disqualification.
[*]Participants have to play the track in Tap Tap Reloaded. Themes with short holds are permitted.
[*]The competition runs for 7 days, and after the time has run out, no further leaderboard changes will be recognized.
[*]There will be two winners, which are the players placed first on the leaderboards of each group: One iPod/iPhone winner and one iPad winner. Both will receive the prize of the current month's PotM badge. Players ranked from spot 2 to 10 won't receive a prize.
[*]Both winners will not be able to participate in the following month's PotM competition.
--- End quote ---

Last official PotM winners are allowed to participate; either rename the track folder to one of the following names, or hit one of the links to download a pre-modified package:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
There are: .

okay i guess thats my only try/score... my wrist still hurts a tiny bit while playing fast songs. nothing i couldnt handle but i dont want to push it. have fun people :)

For whatever reason my scores don't get uploaded to leaderboards so can I submit a screenshot on this topic in order to participate?

it should settle itself as soon as another person has uploaded their score.

I'll do it :)


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