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Player of the Month competition - September 2013

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With the conclusion of the recent TotM, we bring you September's Player of the Month competition!

This time, you'll be playing Gerudo Valley Piano Duet (Main Piano) by Kyle Landry. This was charted by Pearlkryer who won his first ever TotM in a tiebreaker (congrats again :D)

Before anything else, we have the usual rules:

--- Quote from: Official PotM competition rules ---
* Both TTWP members and guests on TTWP forums are eligible to enter the Player of the Month competition. There is no sign-up required for this competition; as soon as a player's name shows up on the chosen song's leaderboards, he has automatically entered the contest.
[*]There are two player groups: the iPod/iPhone group and the iPad group. Every participant has to choose one of the track downloads posted below, depending on which type of device he is using. A participant can only participate in one of those groups, an appearance on both leaderboards will result in disqualification.
[*]Participants have to play the track in Tap Tap Reloaded.
[*]The competition runs for 7 days, and after the time has run out, no further leaderboard changes will be recognized.
[*]There will be two winners, which are the players placed first on the leaderboards of each group: One iPod/iPhone winner and one iPad winner. Both will receive the prize of a PotM badge for their profile. Players ranked from spot 2 to 10 won't receive a prize.
[*]Both winners will not be able to participate in the following month's PotM competition.
--- End quote ---

The previous month's winners, brucewiki and thatguyther won't be allowed to participate this time round. For the rest of you, you can download a pre-named track folder or rename yours accordingly:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Your 7 days to submit scores begins now! You have ; this competition will end on December 24, 3.10am GMT+8.

This is the first player of the month chart hat I can actually FC. It's about freakin' time that something easy (and enjoyable) is the TotM. Good job on the chart Nils, and thanks for setting this up Jem2. Good luck everyone, this will probably be the closest PotM ever.


--- Quote from: Ic3M0nk3y on December 16, 2013, 10:18:26 PM ---Good luck everyone, this will probably be the closest PotM ever.

--- End quote ---

I might agree with you on that. With a chart like this, I'm sure it shouldn't be to hard to get an FGC for some people :p Hopefully my fingers won't derp like they always do when I try a chart, because when they do, the whole song is literally fuckedd xD

I agree with you jake, now guests have bigger chance. :)
also I nearly FGC'd it hahaha, hope you guys can beat me. (iPad) ;D

I'd like to ask: Why link TotM and PotM together? All it does is encourage people to vote for more difficult charts for TotM because "then PotM will be fun". That's not the point. The point is to vote for the best chart, no matter how easy it is. Why not have the system be that the PotM host or the mods decide on one chart from the month for PotM? Doesn't have to be the TotM, just a chart which they think is good and will make for good competition.


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